Find My Face

Embracing an obsession with popular culture + social media to match Millennials with their celebrity doppelgänger.


Big Motive was engaged by a product team within the BBC, intent on exploring new ways to engage with young female audience members. We created a unique experience that allows users to upload a selfie to reveal their ‘A-list doppelgänger’. The ‘Find My Face’ app stitches the user’s image to their celebrity counterpart – creating a parsed single image that serves as the ultimate ‘boast post’.


​The BBC team identified a particularly disengaged audience segment in female millennials – specifically the 18-25 year old group known as ‘Generation Z’. Research indicates a predisposition for content that helps this group communicate with friends. Whilst delivery via mobile was critical — as this is the platform of choice for the target audience — storage space on devices crammed with photos, music and video, is at a huge premium. Persuading them to download an app therefore represents a significant barrier to adoption. Our solution was to produce a mobile-first web application, allowing us to deploy the finished product to ‘BBC Taster’ – the broadcaster’s digital sandbox for audience testing.


Successive phases of design, build and testing allowed us to design a simple user experience around image analysis algorithms, used to reveal which celebrities users most resemble. Matches are made by analysing facial properties in users’ selfies alongside a pre-analysed library of celebrity photos. Testing revealed the need for an additional element of image ‘preparation’ to ensure optimal match results, so we included a feature to auto-crop the selfie to a fixed region focused on the centre of the face. We scoped and developed a robust back-end architecture which handles unpredictable traffic spikes and conforms to the BBC’s exacting Infosec security standards.


​Find My Face is a delightfully simple proposition: Take a selfie, let the app find your celebrity lookalike and share your match with friends. Our intuitive UX belies a complex infrastructure of stakeholders and technology. We developed a streamlined workflow to ensure the best possible partnership with the BBC product team and Getty Images. Find My Face has generated lots of excitement within the BBC and is planned to roll out to audiences later this year.

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