Jumpdrop is a new digital music service that lets users make videos for their favourite tracks then share their epic productions with friends.


The app comprises a unique video editing engine linked to a catalogue of music repertoire. Users can select a track, shoot a video, finetune the audio sync to snap to any frame, add filters and post to their feed or share through linked services such as Facebook.


Big Motive partnered with the startup’s founding team to formulate the product strategy, carry out extensive user research and design the user experience before building and launching the app.


​The central creative challenge at the heart of our design process was data visualisation – enabling users to easily snap a video frame to a key moment in an audio clip such as a key change, power-chord or beat-drop! The app marks this ‘sync-point’ in each audio clip so that users can move the marker to the part of their video they want to highlight or amplify.


​We achieved this by considering that all video and audio files are essentially data that, when visualised a certain way, can be understood and simply manipulated by users. To this end, users view their video clip as a series of frames along a timeline overlaid on an audio waveform. Users select the frame in their video that they want to sync with the ‘drop’ in the music, and the video data is automatically retimed and parsed with the audio file. Each frame of the video can be revealed by selecting an increment from the waveform - thus allowing users to fine tune their sync.


​This innovation was the result of numerous experiments. We dedicated ourselves to discover an optimal way for users to understand audio data with the goal of creating unique music videos – the little moments that matter between friends playing out to users’ favourite songs.


​JumpDrop is in discussion with a number of publishers with a view to partnering with major labels. The app lets music fans communicate in a fun way and helps labels break new music through fan-generated music videos.

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