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Stop Game-Shaming— How to make kids' games that parents (and Kanye) can trust

Our CTO writes to distinguish fact from myth and helps lay the foundations for developing kids' games that gain parental approval.

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We work to uncover powerful ideas that make things better — simpler, more beautiful and authentic — for the businesses with whom we collaborate and the people who use the things we make.

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Whether we're developing digital products, designing immersive experiences or creating new online businesses, we're inspired by the future to exploit the opportunities presented by emerging technology and deliver bespoke innovation for our clients and their users.

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Big Motive is home to a dynamic growing team of designers, strategists, product managers and engineers. People and products are two faces of the same coin. We’re creative people who understand how to plan, design and launch products. We first seek to understand the needs, hopes and dreams of your customer and reverse engineer new concepts to serve their unmet, sometimes unknown needs.

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